""So I fire a warning shot into the wall, [and] I said, ‘The next one’s between your eyes,’" said Lee.

Sandy continued, “And the kid turned around and just hurried out the door. And that was the end of that.”

Not quite.

Wollard was charged with shooting into a building with a firearm, aggravated assault, and child endangerment. And when he went on trial a year later, a jury convicted him of all charges — and then Judge Donald Jacobsen sentenced him to 20 years in Florida state prison, the mandatory minimum.

That means Wollard will serve every day of 20 years in state prison.”

Rothwell’s numbers shoot some holes into some oft-repeated drug warrior talking points: that people don’t get arrested for nonviolent drug crime as much as they used to (false), and that legalizing and decriminalizing certain drugs won’t magically solve racial disparities in the criminal justice system (true, although the chart above suggests it could help).”

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced a draft rule to combat high charges and fees for in-state calls from prisons, jails, and other detention centers, a year after issuing similar rules for interstate calls. This is a huge victory for for incarcerated individuals, their families, and advocates who have been fighting for reforms in the prison phone industry for decades.

Historically, the cost of prison phone calls has been extremely high – more than $1.00… per minute in some cases. This is due to the commission-based model of most prison phone contracts, in which prison phone companies like Securus, Global Tel*Link and CenturyLink have had exclusive contracts with detention facilities, and correctional agencies have received kickbacks from the revenue generated from prison phone calls. Such commissions average 48% and can be as high as 96%.

The cost of the calls is usually paid by prisoners’ family members. The new proposal would impose permanent caps on calls both between and within states as well as other fees charged to inmates. Charges for each call or connection would be banned.